Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We’re Home!

In fact, we’ve been home for six weeks now. As usual, we hit the ground running. Unloading the motorhome, opening the house, reviving the lawn and a dozen other little but time-consuming chores have kept us busy. And, we took care of our Mexican food cravings at our favorite local cantina.

It was a great trip - 4 ½ months and 12,250 miles. We returned to the places we didn’t have time to visit on previous journeys, we spent time with friends and relatives all over the country. We particularly enjoyed the week we spent in Washington, DC with our grandkids.

Future destinations include our annual trips to Yuma to celebrate New Year’s Eve and St. Patricks Day with our RVing friends and, when most of the snow has melted, the National Parks in the Bryce-Zion area. Also Jasper and Banff National Parks in Canada.

People have asked us if we miss presenting seminars at RV shows and rallies. Actually, the only thing we miss is socializing with all our friends (vendors, seminar presenters, clowns, sales people, etc.) who also worked at the shows and rallies. Most of them were also RVers and we usually parked our rigs in the same area. It was fun pulling into a campground or show parking lot and seeing familiar RVs. There would be hugs and laughter and lots of catching up to do over adult beverages. We really did enjoy presenting seminars, but we do not miss the behind-the-scenes time and effort it took to be in the seminar business.

We’re not entirely out of the business though. We have a monthly column, "Life on the Road", in Motorhome magazine and we have another book in the works. And, our Alaska DVDs and “how-to” RVing e-books are available on our website.

Speaking about our e-books… if you haven’t already… check them out. They are full of practical, useful information about buying, operating and enjoying an RV. And don’t overlook our Alaska DVDs. “RVing Alaska” shows you what to expect and how to prepare for an Alaska journey. “Alaska: RV adventure of a Lifetime” shows you all the favorite visitor destinations. There is a special price if you purchase both DVDs.

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Emergency ID Card

From the ebook "RVing Tips, Tricks & Techniques"

Create an emergency notification card to carry in your wallet. Have it identify two or more people who can be notified in case of an emergency. Be sure they are at different addresses and telephone numbers (one of them might not be available). Try to make sure these people know how to reach you when you are camping so they can notify you in an emergency. Furnish them an itinerary if you can (even if its just a rough idea).

Your emergency notification card should also include the name of your traveling companion and the telephone number of his/her cellular phone. He/she might be sitting in your RV wondering why you have not returned.

Your emergency notification card should list any health problems, medications or allergies that paramedics and doctors should know about.

It is not a bad idea to have your telephone calling card number on your emergency notification card (but not identifying it as such). It might be convenient when you are under stress and want to place a call.

Some RVers carry a second emergency notification card that identifies their RV and the campground where they are staying. The card might even indicate if there are pets in the rig that need to be cared for.

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