Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mail On The Road

Our column in the July 2012 issue of Motorhome magazine discusses the use of priority mail for receiving mail on the road. A reader had this important point to add;

Dear Joe and Vicki,

I read your article in the Motor Home 2012 issue about using Priority Mail to have your mail forwarded to your destination and wanted to let you know I liked it. As a Letter Carrier of the US Postal service I too offer ideas as to how to get people’s mail to them when they are away while at the same time promoting Postal Products and Services.

While I am not the official spokesperson for the US Postal Service, I did want to clarify a statement in your article about handing an envelope to a postal employee that weighs over 13oz. You are correct that anything over 13oz bearing stamps as postage cannot be dropped in any mailbox for pick up. However, it cannot be handed to just any postal employee. According to the US Postal Service, any piece of mail weighing over 13oz, and bearing stamps for postage, it must be taken to a window clerk at any US Post Office, or an authorized entry point for the US Postal Service. City Letter Carriers and Rural Carriers are no longer allowed to pick up these items. I wish it weren’t that way. There’s nothing worse than telling your customer you’ve known for years that you cannot take their mail because of this postal regulation.

I hope I have added some beneficial information to you. I do so enjoy reading your articles even though I do not have an RV yet. I am still a travel trailer kinda guy. Though I can’t wait to upgrade to a Class A motor coach.


Tom C

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