Sunday, September 13, 2009

What’s New With Us:

Greetings from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We left Huntington Beach, California on Labor Day Monday and zoomed past Los Angeles International Airport at 65 miles per hour about 10:000 am. Sometimes holiday traffic (or lack of it) can be an advantage.

Our RV lifestyle is changing. We plan to spend more time visiting our National Parks and dry-camping in government campgrounds. So on Wednesday we had a two-panel solar system installed on our motorhome by AMsolar in Springfield, Oregon. AMsolar is owned by our good friends Greg and Deborah Holder. Greg is the go-to guy when it comes to installing solar on RVs. He designs, builds, sells and installs solar equipment specifically for the needs of RVers.

I pulled our motorhome into the service bay of their installation facility at 8:30 am. Three technicians went to work and had the entire job finished by 5:00 pm. It was obvious from the get-go these guys knew what they were doing. That knowledge made it easier to watch as they drilled holes in our roof and cabinetry in order to run the wiring and install the monitors. They did a neat, clean job. You can read more about Greg, Deborah and AMsolar on their website.

We came to Couer d’Alene to visit with Margie Maxwell. Margies husband, Gaylord, the founder of Life on Wheels, passed away a year ago. Margie invited Clyde and Peggy Waterman, Chuck and MaryLou Thompson and us to dinner. We sat around and gossiped about all the other Life on Wheels instructors who were not in the room. The next day Margie and Vicki did their best to play all the slot machines at a local casino.

Molly, our trusty RV dog, celebrated her 1st birthday on August 8th. She has adapted very nicely to traveling and living in an RV as well as going potty in roadside rest areas and campgrounds. I have become a bonafide RV dog owner. Right down to always having a plastic bag in my pocket.

From here we will meander east to Ohio where we will attend a wedding and then present seminars at Nick and Terry Russell’s Gypsy Gathering Rally.