Monday, August 22, 2011

Homeward Bound

After leaving the Maritimes we spent a few days in New England visiting some of Joe’s many cousins. Then we traveled to Binghamton, NY (another cousin) and Hudson, Ohio. (you’ve got it- another cousin – this time one of Vicki’s) and then on to Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin to visit our good friends, Bob and Cheryl Marx. We also stopped in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and had lunch with our dear friend Margie Maxwell. Next stop will be the Sacramento, CA area to visit another of Vicki’s cousins and our daughter, grand daughter and great grand son.
Obviously, we are headed west. We have run out of cousins (well, until we get to Southern California). Our daily travel mileage increases the closer we get to home. While our usual daily average is usually 250 to 300 miles, lately it has been 300 to 350. Our final travel day will cover the 400 miles from Sacramento to Huntington Beach, CA. We liken it to the horse headed for the barn. We have really enjoyed this trip. We hate to see it coming to an end. But we are looking forward to seeing our family, friends and familiar places. Our first evening home will be spent in our favorite local Mexican restaurant, eating our favorite Mexican dishes. It will be good to be home. The experience of 48 years of RVing, however, tells us that wanderlust will strike in about six weeks and we will find ourselves on the road again.

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