Sunday, February 10, 2008

Greetings from Raleigh, NC - Our New Air card

We are presenting seminars at the Raleigh, North Carolina RV Show. The weather here in Raleigh is cool enough to discourage folks from going to the beach or working in the yard but nice enough to encourage them to attend the show. The show, which takes place at the North Carolina state Fairgrounds, is experiencing a large, enthusiastic attendance. Our motorhome is nestled among a stand of trees in one of the many full-hookup campsites on the fairgrounds. Our work commute is a brief walk to the seminar building.

Enroute here from Myrtle Beach we stopped and visited with our friends Mark and Dawn Polk. Mark and Dawn are both multi-talented individuals who have made a success out of producing RV educational videos, DVDs, books and e-books. They have worked hard and, more importantly, they have worked smart to make their products and website, , a commercial success. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple.

The downside to camping at the fairgrounds and in the parking lots of other shows is that we don’t have convenient access to the internet. And our business has become dependent upon having a daily internet connection. So we decided to bite the bullet and make an attempt to join the 21st century… we purchased an aircard and signed up for service with Verizon. An aircard is a device that plugs into a laptop computer and provides a cellular connection to the internet. It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we have a cellular signal, we can connect to the internet --- at least that is what the Verizon folks told me.

The aircard, a USB720 model, cost $59.00 but that was offset by a mail-in rebate of $59.00. The monthly service fee for unlimited access is $59.00 (more if you are not a Verizon cellular customer). Our aircard plugs into a USB port on our laptop when we want to go online. It sticks out about three inches but it can also be connected to the laptop with a three-foot long cable that came with the aircard.

Sitting here in the fairgrounds, in the middle of the city of Raleigh, the cellular signal is strong and the speed of our aircard internet access is comparable to the speed of our DSL connection at home. So far, so good. We’ll let you know how well the aircard performs as we travel around the country.

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