Saturday, February 16, 2008

Greetings from Littleton, NC

We are camped in the driveway of our very good friends, Loren and Nancy Benedict. If you have attended our “Full-time and Extended RV Travel” seminar you have heard us encourage RV travelers to develop 365 friends with long driveways. Well, Loren and Nancy have a super-long driveway with 30-amp electric, water and sewer hookups.

Unfortunately, we are in a location that does not have any sort of cellular service. So that means we not only can not use our cellular phone but our new aircard is useless as well. Luckily, Loren and Nancy’s router is strong enough to act as a wi-fi hotspot for us. We can go on line from the comfort and convenience of our motorhome. And we use their phone once a day to call in for messages.

Loren and Nancy used to be fulltime RVers. They traveled and lived in a 40-foot motorcoach and pulled a small truck that doubled as transportation and a warehouse for the products (mostly flagpoles) they sold at home, farm, boat and RV shows. That’s how we met them. A few years ago they came in off the road, bought a fixer-upper on the shore of 30-mile-long Lake Gaston and made a small piece of heaven out of it. They traded the motorcoach for a 28-foot trailer and used their truck/warehouse to pull the trailer. Today, they continue to sell at shows but specialize in quality flagpoles, flagpole accessories and flags. Check out their website

Tom and Margie Hildebrand live near Loren and Nancy. They also used to be fulltimers and show vendors. The six of us worked the North Carolina RV shows, and after hours we would terrorize the local restaurants.

A few years ago, Tom was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctors said he had six months to live. Tom apparently has not decided when to start the six-month countdown. He has gone through the hell of chemo, radiation and surgery and still looks like he will be around for a long time to come. His attitude is “If you are going to cheat, cheat death”

Nancy made a huge lasagna and the six of us once again broke bread together.

Monday, we head for a repair shop in Winston-Salem, NC. Our motorhome engine has developed a small coolant leak and the cold-water connection on our water-heater also has a small leak. Both are small but located in places I can’t reach. Hopefully an RV service tech will be able to take us in on short notice (these things always happen on a holiday weekend).

Friday, we begin presenting seminars at the Charlotte RV Show.

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