Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Expert Opinions

Dear Joe and Vicki: You could make life a lot easier for me if you would just tell me what kind of RV you and the other "RV experts" have and how they are equipped.

Joe: OK! But I don't think the answer will make life easier for you.

A few years ago, during one of the University of Idaho's "Life On Wheels" Conferences, Vicki and I were among 12 "RV Experts" who participated as panel members in an RV Lifestyle forum.

Among the panel participants were: a single, full-timing woman; a single full-timing man; two full-timing couples; a couple who had full-timed for many years but were now extended travelers and two couples (including Vicki and I) who traveled extensively in their RVs but were not full-timers.

For the sake of discussion we'll say there were three extended travelers and four full-timers; a total of seven RVs.

Two extended travelers and the full-timing woman had Class A motorhomes. Each towed a small car.

The extended travelers who used to be full-timers had a Class C motorhome. They did not tow a transportation vehicle.

The full-timing man and one full-timing couple had fifth-wheel trailers with one or more slide-out rooms. One towed with a medium duty tow vehicle; the other towed with a pickup truck.

The remaining full-timing couple had a fifth-wheel without a slide-out room. They also towed with a pickup truck.

One of the Class A motorhomes and all of the fifth-wheel tow vehicles were powered by diesel engines.

Vicki: All the full-timing RVers and one extended traveler had their rigs equipped with solar panels and inverters. The two remaining extended travelers did not see any need for them.

Interestingly, the extended travelers without the solar panels prefered boondocking and government campgrounds while one full-timing couple with solar panels favored commercial campgrounds with full hookups.

Two full-timers belonged to membership campground organizations. The remainder did not.

Preferences in overnight accommodations depended upon each RVers interests, needs and budget at the moment. None of us stayed exclusively in any one type of campground.

Only one extended traveler and one full-timing couple traveled with a pet.

Only one full-timing and one extended traveler had a washer/dryer in their RV. One full-timer claimed she washed her clothes on a rock!

As the panel continued to answer questions posed by the audience it was obvious that we all had equally diverse opinions and preferences when it came to the various aspects of choosing, using and enjoying our RVs.

One thing we all agreed on though. We love the feeling of independence and the sense of freedom we get from traveling and living in an RV

Joe: So you see, whatever type of RV you choose, however you equip it, wherever or however you camp, you'll be doing exactly what the “RV experts” do.

Joe and Vicki are the authors of a number of “how-to” books and e-books about RVs, RVers and RVing.

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