Thursday, November 11, 2010

RVing Tips

We have two credit cards; each from a different bank. Joe carries the credit card of one bank in his wallet. I carry the credit card of the other bank in mine. Neither of us carries both credit cards. That way, if one of us loses a wallet, and we have to cancel the credit card in that wallet, we can use the remaining, still-valid credit card in the other person's wallet.


On hot sunny days, try to select a campsite that points the front of your RV towards the east or south. Your RV's entry-door wall can be protected from the hot afternoon sun by the patio awning. The opposite side-wall will be the naturally shady side of your rig during most of the day.

An RVer who uses campground laundry rooms can't have too many quarters. Save your quarters in 35mm film canisters (if you can find them). Each canister holds approximately $7.00 worth of quarters and makes a convenient spill-proof container.


A propane fired furnace can devour a lot of propane on a cold day. Once it has taken the chill out of the interior of your RV, switch over to a portable electric heater. It will maintain your rig at a comfortable temperature for a considerable amount of time.


Joe and Vicki Kieva are the authors of a number of how-to books and e-books about RVs, RVers and RVing.

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