Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Options, Add-ons and Accessories

Dear Joe and Vicki: It's time to buy another RV. We know what type and size we want but are having trouble deciding what options, add-ons and accessories to get. Would you mind telling us which you would want on your next RV?

Joe: We don't even know what type and size RV we would choose, never mind what options we'd want. But here are the ones that would most likely make our list:

Hydraulic levelers for a motorhome or electric jack for a trailer. Leveling and stabilizing an RV is faster and easier with these back savers.

Awnings all around. Whenever possible, we park so our street-side wall faces north or east and misses the hot afternoon sun. Our curb-side wall gets shaded by our awning. Our next RV will also have awnings for all the windows. Glass radiates a lot of heat to the inside of an RV.

Windshield covers. A "see-through" sunscreen is used during the summer. It blocks most of the sun but still admits light and we can see what's going on outside. Mounting it inside keeps the sunscreen clean but allows the windshield to receive the full brunt of the sun's heat.

Roof-mounted air-conditioner(s). We prefer to avoid hot climates and temperatures whenever we can. Our air-conditioners provide relief when we can't.

Generator. The most frequent users of the generator are the roof air-conditioners. When driving during real hot weather we turn on the generator and run our motorhome's roof air-conditioners rather than using our dash air-conditioner. We can also run our refrigerator on electricity at the same time.

High-volume roof-vent fan. Our Fantastic Fan is usually all we need to keep the interior of our RV comfortable.

Roof-vent covers allow us to operate the roof-vent fan during wet weather. We can also drive down the highway with our roof vent open and know it will still be there at the end of the day.

Gas/electric water heater. Operating the water heater on electricity (when we have an electric hookup) conserves propane and silently maintains water temperature.

Microwave/convection oven. Quick meal preparation and cool operation. The convection oven will do just about anything a gas oven will do, except heat up the interior of the RV. A gas oven is nice, though, when you don't have electric hookups and don't want to disturb the peace and quiet with your generator.

Vicki: Maybe we'll check out a refrigerator-truck conversion when we look for our next RV.

Enjoy The Journey!

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