Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010 Issue

In this Issue: What’s New With Us

We’re still here. Unfortunately, we don’t have much RV related stuff to report. Our last RV trip was in March. In May we took a Mediterranean cruise. Since then we have been dealing with the medical issues of Vicki and her dad. Vicki’s right hip has restricted her ability to walk for any length of time or distance for some time now. Visits to doctors, labs and so on have kept us pretty much home-bound. She is scheduled for hip replacement surgery at the end of this month. Hopefully the results will set us free to travel again in the fall.

We have made use of our time at home to revise and update our RV books and convert them to e-books. “Why not keep publishing them as paperbacks?” you ask. The reason is economics. Our books were originally designed to complement and be sold in conjunction with our RV classes and seminars. Now that we are no longer presenting classes and seminars, we are not selling a sufficient quantity of books to cover the expense of publishing them in paperback form. When our current inventory of paperbacks are gone we will be strictly in the e-book writing and publishing business.

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A bit of history… Vicki and I got into this business in 1989 when we taught a “How to Choose an RV” class at a local community college. The response and feedback eventually led to six different classes at eleven community colleges and then to seminars and classes being presented at up to twenty RV shows, rallies and educational events a year. Folks kept asking if we had written a book about RVing. So we wrote a book, “RVing Made Easy”. Next came “Extended RV Travel” then “RVing Tips, Tricks and Techniques” and, last but not least, “My RV Kitchen and Favorite Recipes”.

The go-go years between 1990 and 2005 were very good for the RV industry. A lot of folks bought a lot of RVs. Our niche was the new RVer. We presented a lot of seminars. A lot of new RVers attended our classes and seminars and we sold a lot of books. As the economy slowed, however, fewer new people were buying RVs. Our seminar and class attendance began to drop off and, as a result, we were selling fewer books. Last year we “retired” from the seminar business (See the October 7, 2009 post). Book sales since then have been through our RV Know How website.

So, where do we go from here? We are convinced the economy will eventually turn around; just as it has in the past. E-books are our way of hunkering down, minimizing expenses, and waiting for things to improve. E-books will enable us to continue sharing the benefits of our 45-plus years of RV lifestyle experience with our readers… for less than a paperback book would cost them. When things turn around maybe we will come out of “retirement” and start over with new classes and seminars. And, if the demand presents itself, our e-books can be easily published as paperbacks. In the meantime we intend to practice what we have been preaching… traveling and camping in an RV.

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