Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009 Issue

About Molly

The gist of today’s e-mails is: “Yes, that’s all very fascinating (the March 19 post) but we were really interested in how Molly has been doing.”

Molly, our 7-month-old, 59 pound Golden Retriever puppy, is doing just fine. She is strong and healthy, almost full grown, and her white coat has developed a light golden hue. We haven’t taught her any cute parlor tricks but she has responded very well to basic obedience and good manners training. Molly understands and obeys the usual come, sit, lie down, stay, and, no commands.

She will also “go potty” and go to her place (bed) when told to. She is still working hard at curbing her puppy exuberance. For instance, she knows better than to jump up on people. But, if she is greeting someone she really loves, she has a rough time restraining herself. And when on a leash it takes her about ten minutes to remember it is a lot more comfortable to walk beside rather than in front of me.

Molly was spayed a couple weeks ago. Her rapid recovery was a lot harder on Vicki and me than it was on her. An identification chip that can be scanned by veterinarians was inserted under her skin while she was under the anesthetic.

Our three recent trips have helped Molly adjust to being an RV dog. Her favorite perch, when we are in a campsite, is the driver’s seat. That’s the only piece of furniture in the world she is allowed on. Our RV neighbors, by the way, appreciate that Molly is NOT a barker.

Today we are on Jerry and Arlyne Ray’s lot in Yuma, AZ. The lot is completely fenced so Jerry and Arlyne’s dog, a Sheltie named Chance, and Molly have the run of the place. Once in a great while they both stop moving at the same time.