Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Rally in Perry, GA

The Rally is over! It took place in Perry, GA begining on Wednesday, March 12 and ending on Monday, March 17. We don’t have the exact figures yet but it was estimated that over 3,500 RVs were parked on the fairgrounds for the rally. The RV parks in the area were also filled to capacity. Needless to say, there were lots of people in attendance.

We arrived on Tuesday and were parked among the rally staff workers. The good news was that we had electric, water and sewer hookups. The bad news was that we were located about as far as possible from our seminar rooms. Too far to lug our books and handouts. So we rented a golfcar for $600.00. Ouch! But it was kinda fun to buzz around the fairgrounds on a motorized vehicle.

Our Verizon Aircard made it possible to go online while sitting in our RV. At times it was a little slow; probably because of all the cellular activity in the area

Fortunately, the weather cooperated. We had warm, sunny days, every day. It did rain hard one night from 10 pm to 2 am, and the wind damaged a few RV awnings that had been left out during one windy day (hello, is there a message here?).

Each of our seminars attracted audiences in the hundreds. And the folks were super responsive. Vicki introduced her new seminar, “The RVer’s Kitchen”. Folks seemed to like it. They bought a lot of her new book, “My RV Kitchen and Favorite Recipes”.

We also sold a lot of Alaska DVDs. We received our “RVing Alaska: What to Expect, How to Prepare” DVDs just two days before the rally started. Our webmaster assures us the new DVDs will be available on our website in just a few days. He is making a number of changes in addition to adding the DVDs so it will take a little time.

We left the rally on Monday right after our final seminar ended at noon. We have to be in Sacramento by next Tuesday for the Sacramento RV Show.

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